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UPS 3700 with Small battery Cabinet
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The UPS 3700 VA is a pure sine wave inverter with boost charger up to 30A charging current, installed over a battery bank 24 VDC and has about 200 AH capacity.

The UPS 3700 comes with a display that shows the current charge state of the battery bank, and consumption/charging current.

This UPS system has a continuous power of 2000W (10A) which is enough to run a large size house for around 4 hours (around 3A continuous load, as; TV 40”, refrigerator,4 Lamps 85W).  It is a comprehensive solution for microwave use and/or washing machine for a short period of time. If you need to run these loads for a longer time you should choose a bigger battery bank.

The UPS 3700 can handle a load up to 2800 W (13A) for 30 minutes, which make it suitable for items with high starting current such as big motors

Outstanding efficiency and overload.

Perfect management and limitation of AC sources.

Power saving of the consumption peaks.

Automatic allocation of the power available.

Automatic protection of the sources against overload

Pure Sine Wave inverter suitable for all electrical equipments up to 12A.

Boost charger up to 37 A charging current 

Battery bank 24 VDC and around 200 AH capacity.