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JFY Suntree 6.0 KW 3 Phase inverter STL 6000TL
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Suntree series inverter is three phase string type grid-on inverter for medium and small scale PV generation plant, eight power levels from 5000W to 20000W, provides flexible solutions for PV plant

  • Compact size and high power density
  • High speed MPPT for real time power tracking and improved energy harvesting
  • Transformerless operation for highest efficiency  98.2%
  • High overload capability under most ambient conditions
  • Certified grid connected operation according to the international standards
  • True three phase sine wave output
  • Integrated RS485/RS232 serial communications
  • Multi-language friendly LCD display
  • Easy maintenance cooling fans
  • 6kw 3 Phase inverter 
  • 330~480Vac AC output, 50/60Hz 
  • 5 years warranty 
  • RS485/RS232 
  • easy install and operate