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Coleman 7.5 Watt Folding Solar Charger
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Charge your cell phones, digital cameras, GPS systems & more anywhere, anytime! The Coleman 7.5 Watt Folding Solar Charger is a portable unit, perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, emergency power solutions and a variety of outdoor activities. With a lightweight and compact design, just place this unit in your backpack or suit case. Unfold the charger to charge your electrical device, and fold it up when your device is fully charged. This foldable solar unit provides for ultimate convenience, making it a permanent staple for all your traveling and outdoor needs.

Product Features

  • Portable unit charges any USB or 12 volt device
  • Charges cell phones, digital cameras, tablets, GPS systems and more!
  • Perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, emergency situations and a variety of outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Features 7.5 watt crystalline solar panel
  • Fully weatherproof for added durability


  • 7.5W folding solar panel
  • 12V female CLA adaptor (for plugging in 12V devices)
  • Convenient ‘hang-tabs’
  • Secure Velcro folding

Manufacturer Warranty 

1 year limited

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